Yana Perperieva


Founder & Owner of Learn Chinese with Yana Jin

Yana Perperieva is a Founder & Owner of Learn Chinese with Yana Jin. 

Yana has a Bachelor’s degree of Chinese Studies (Trade and Economics) 2015 – 2013, Beijing, China.

She has a great experience in Chinese Culture and Language. Developed the first Chinese language course at NBU and worked as Chinese Language and Culture teacher at a private school specialized in Chinese Studies. 

Between 2015 and 2017 she was a project coordinator and soordinates all projects between BTIDCC (Bulgarian Travel and Investment Deveopment Center in China) and its Chinese partners, including representatives of the private and public sector; assists all activities on the territory of Bulgaria; interprets at and is a key part of the NPO’s key negations processes. Handles all event organizational

Participant and Translator for the Bulgarian episode of Day Day Up 天天向上

Moderator of the Project Presentations Session at the 16+1 CEE Summit, Sofia 2018

Moderator of the Bulgarian-Chinese Forum for Cluster Policies, Varna 2018

Speaker at the CAE China Attractions Expo, Beijing 2018

Moderator of the 2018 TCI European Conference, Sofia 2018

Moderator of the Momchilovtsi International Yogurt Festival 2015, 2016, Momchilovtsi, Bulgaria 莫斯利安酸奶节

Mentor, Coordinator and Event organizer for ABLE Mentor since January, 2017

Chinese language and culture guest speaker and private tutor

An Outstanding Thesis Award, 2 full scholarships for Academic Excellence (Beijing 2015, 2014, 2013)