The city of Burgas is administrative center of the largest tourist region in Bulgaria as it is located on the Southern Black sea coast. Over 40 % of the mass tourism in Bulgaria is happening in the Burgas region. The natural resources of Burgas are undoubtedly one of the reasons why the city is a preferred place for tourism and recreation.

Starting point – Public access area of Port Burgas

Burgas passenger terminal serves the cruise and passengers ships from all over the world. There is a yacht port right next to it, which offers a safe yacht ramp with a depth of 6 meters. The public zone of the port is a favorite spot for walks, meetings, cultural events and  festivals.

→ Presentation of the city potential to attract large-scale events such as business forums, conferences, fairs etc. in the new building of Congress Center Burgas

The new Congress Centre of Burgas is a venue for large events. The halls offer 500 and 200 seats, modern equipment, meeting, service and leisure space.

Marina Burgas

→ degustation of the local cuisine in a near-by restaurant with a sea few at furthest-in point of the Burgas Bay.

Gulf of Burgas is the largest bay of the Western Black Sea Coast, outlined with long beach strips of fine sand, gradually deepening sea level, calm and clean water, light and pleasant breezes. In the middle of the dark blue waters of the bay the small volcanic island of St. Anastasia captures the sight and makes it obvious why it is named “the most romantic place” in the area.

Bogoridi Street

→ exploring the town – walk through the so called old part of the Burgas Sea Park and scroll down the main street Bogoridi – one of the most high-tech public spaces in Europe according to EUROCITIES.

Walking down Bogoridi Street in Burgas feels like stepping into the past – car-free pedestrian area with the low-rise buildings in the Neoclassical and Rococo style of another time. However, your stroll between bohemian cafes is actually a walk along one of the most high-tech public spaces in Europe. The old-style streetlamps bearing up round tabletops surreptitiously sport ports for charging computers, mobiles, cameras, electric bikes and wheelchairs, also emit the free Wi-Fi covering the area.

Coffee Time

→ time for a coffee – visit for a short break in the Tourist center at the main bus station.

→ bus tour through the city with stops at the two largest sport halls in Burgas – Park Arena with swimming pool and Arena Burgas for big sport competitions and concerts.

Part Arena Complex

Park Arena complex houses the most modern swimming pool in Bulgaria. With a depth of 2 to 3 meters and a length of 50 meters, the pool meets the requirements of the International Swimming Federation and the European swimming league. It hosts swimming, water ball and synchronous swimming events and international competitions. It has 1200 seats for spectators and additional seats for disabled persons to access easily. The complex offers also public area with tennis courts, a three-pitch sports court, and a gym, a steam room and sauna as well as a recreation area with outdoor activities – yoga, aerobics, climbing and football, dancing and more.

The futuristic sports complex Arena Burgas will open in the summer 2020, offering venue with 7000 seats capacity, indoor track, conditions and technical equipment for organizing local, national and international competitions in various types of sports, mobile stands, training block, conference rooms and more.

Aquae Calidae Tourist Center

→ visit to Aquae Calidae Tourist Center – culture tour through the ancient ruins of the Roman bath, viewing of 3D mapping show inside the Turkish bath and afternoon coffee before taking off to Varna.

Aquae Calidae is a place that brings together the millennial history thanks to the local mineral water springs, known for its highly valued healing properties and temperature of 41.5C. It attracts visitors with a variety of opportunities for relaxation and entertainment – a mix between new technologies, time to grab a coffee and learn about habits of different cultures.


*If you are interested to take part in the Info Tour, please get your 3-day pass upon registration. 

Burgas Airport